Around the end of November 2023 someone sent me the video titled “Take Back Your Power 2017” The first 30 minutes was all it took to motivate me to ask Rocky Mountain Power to remove the Cool Keeper device attached to the air conditioner unit right outside our bedroom wall of the house we’d been living in for two years.

A couple weeks after our “Cool Keeper” device [similar pictured above] was removed, I watched the MUST SEE Minutes 43 to 1 hr about “Smart Meters” that control all electricity coming into the house [pictured next]

This bank of “smart” meters is attached to an apartment complex in American Fork.
Imagine a baby’s crib on the inside of that wall.

This much exposure is known to cause DNA damage and worse. See min 44:30 to 47:30 min of the “Take Back Your Power 2017” YouTube video.

That video was about these specific “Smart Meters”. Not even mentioning “Cool Keeper” units (which are a type of smart meter).

Several days before Christmas 2022 Rocky Mountain Power removed our Cool Keeper device. A few days after removal I started feeling more motivated to study scriptures and got the idea to pray for healing the lower back pain that I’d had all year whenever laying down.  I’d tried Chiropractic, Spinal Touch, Physical Therapy, and Muscle Realignment/Souzing, but hadn’t tried anything new for a few months. Then on Dec 30th I slept pain free! One day after another I’ve been pain free ever since! 


I thought, “This is a miracle! Maybe the catering shifts I did on the 28th and 30th caused my back to go into place? Maybe heavy lifting fixed my back, or standing and walking all night fixed my back? I only suspected the Cool Keeper unit removal was the inspired action after my husband declared in January that his neck didn’t hurt anymore! All year he’d tried pillow after pillow and various memory foam to no avail, even switching mattresses from another room in the house. Now he can turn his neck left and right without any stiffness.

To learn how to protect our bodies instead of demanding our environment stay friendly Call Cool Keeper directly for removal from your AC unit:  800-357-9214  A real consumer advocate teaches how to protect yourself from radio frequency and electro magnetic radiation. He doesn’t sell anything. His videos are very demonstrate solutions that are inexpensive and easy to do such as mesh waste baskets and mesh pen holders to put your cell phone into when near your body etc.

Things I’ve bought to protect myself from wifi: (their sticker stopped my phone from charging on an osmosis charger when the sticker was on)A faraday cage type fabric to make phone pouches or to drape over my lap or hang behind a headboard: Titled on Amazon: Pure Copper Fabric Blocking RFID/RF-Reduce EMF/EMI Protection Conductive Fabric for Smart Meters Prevent from Radiation/Singal/WiFi Golden Color 78″x43″ inch for $25 

To protect from electro magnetic waves throughout a home or apartment: I’m about to implement this $1600 solution in my home so can’t report it’s effectiveness yet:

Clamp onto electrical cords (youtube videos demo effectiveness and how to attach): Titled on Amazon: (Pack of 20pcs) Clip-on Ferrite Ring Core RFI EMI Noise Suppressor Cable Clips  $8

To substitute for bluetooth headphones (need an adapter to plug the jack into your phone) Titled on Amazon: Air Tube Headphones EMF Free Airtube Earbuds Wired Air Tube Headset  $22

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