The significant investment in fiber connectivity statewide made over the past several years puts Utah in a unique position to take the ideas behind Smart Cities to the next level and deploy the first Smart State in the nation. This program will continue to provide connectivity benefits to citizens around the entire state—urban and rural. Utah Connected leverages significant previous investment enhancing the benefits Utah already enjoys, including the State’s extensive fiber optic network, statewide signal interconnectivity, existing performance management, a soon-to-be operational Connected Vehicle corridor — also a first in the nation — and road weather and active traffic management field equipment. State-wide probe data from a third party, in the final stages of procurement as of this submission, will be used to support the deployment of the Utah Connected program. Our support from the State Legislature is considerable and consistent, and Utah is home to the “Silicon Slopes” program (, welcoming software companies throughout the nation to spur innovation and incubate new ideas.


Are we being bought and sold? How much federal money rolled into Utah for the pandemic?

Do you know what PPP’s are? Public Private Partnership’s, sounds okay right? Is it?

What are NGO’s? Non- Governmental Organizations, but are they? Do they work with PPP’s? Are they in a sense lobbyists?

Is Utah ushering in the 4th Industrial Revolution? Lots of interesting people think so and say so. Do you want to lead the tyrannical digital takeover of freedom?

A Quick Rundown on What ESG Scores REALLY Mean

The CBDC is the Final Nail in Freedoms Coffin | STOP IT NOW!


Utah 2023 Proposed Water Related Liability Amendments. How bad or good is it?

Utah 2023  Emergency Water Shortage Amendments 1 of 3 Videos. This is quite serious Utah. Please make sure to check out the blog for more information here.

What is Going on With Utahs Water? Take a Look

Is the Great Salt Lake dying because of “climate change” or something more sinister? Read more here.

What do the United Nations and Communism have in common?
Learn the trick, terms, and Traps of the United Nations language.
Do you know what the Sustainable Development Goals REALLY are?

United Nations Infiltration of Utah Click button below

United Nations Agenda 2030

Does Gov. Cox Have a Cash Cow? Read to find out. 
Updated 10.11.22

What is happening to Utah's land?

Get started with this very brief high level overview. This blog only touches two pieces, as you can imagine it goes far beyond that. 

What is hiding within Utah's Transportation rollout?

This is a high level blog about some concerning trends in Utah’s transportation infrastructure. Utah often hides a lot of questionable legislation and money within transportation. We should ask why. 

What do you know about the Inland Port?

Most Utahns we speak to are unaware this monster has not only been pushed through but it’s tied in with several United Nation goals. Who does the port REALLY belong to?

Read the blogs below for more information:

Blog 1

Blog 2

Utah what do you REALLY know about their plans for our energy?

Utah is under seige by negarious and in some cases ignorant actors. The forces at work want us reliant on “green” energy, energy that has caused blackouts, stravation and more. 

Read this blog to get started. This is highlevel and will help you begin to learn.

Wake up Utah

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